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Oocyte Donation Program

The SurroGate Family Planning Center offers the possibility of addressing issues of fertility through its egg donor program.

With years of experience in surrogacy programs abroad and egg donations, SurroGate Center’s specialists have already helped hundreds of couples become happy parents.

SurroGate Center’s egg donor program makes it possible for you to become parents, enjoying the thrill of this unforgettable journey in realizing your dream without stress and worry.  Our professional experts make their extensive experience and support available to you all the way.

The egg donor option can be conducted without you needing to arrive in Ukraine or Georgia. Fertilization of the donated ova with the biological father’s sperm is carried out under the supervision of our specialists, following which the embryos are transferred back to you for insertion into the womb of the carrying mother through IVF treatment in your home country.

If you prefer, you are invited to undergo the procedure’s stages in our clinic in Georgia or Ukraine.

What are the advantages of SurroGate Center’s egg donor program?

  • Choose your egg donor according to criteria important to you.  We also offer the option of maximizing external appearance to the Intended Mother’s appearance.
  • You will be provided with images of the donor at no extra cost.
  • SurroGate Center has proven high success rates
  • The full procedure is conducted under supervision of our professional experts
  • Drawing up a plan suited to your personal needs
  • Immediate start on the plan without any delays
  • We offer the possibility of morphological sperm mapping using the IMSI method as needed
  • Close attention and support 24/7 through all stages of the program
  • Large database of meticulously chosen potential donors ready to start the procedure immediately
  • Genetic egg testing


Why choose SurroGate Center?

SurroGate Center’s egg donor program ensures a minimum of 6 mature ova.  The goal of each cycle is to produce 4 embryos of high quality on the third day or 2 blastocysts on the fifth day.  If a larger quantity of fertilized ova than the planned amount for insertion into the future carrying mother’s womb are produced, and they are of high quality, they can be cryopreserved (frozen) for future access.

If 4 high quality embryos are not produced on the third day, or 2 blastocysts on the fifth day, and pregnancy did not occur, additional ova will be supplied to produce more embryos.

We’re with you all the way, through the process of pregnancy and birth.  We understand your fears and concerns, which are normal for any couple reaching the important and significant decision in their lives to bring a child into their world through the egg donor option.

Schedule an obligation-free consultation with us to answer all your questions.  Fill your details in on the form below, or call us by phone.  If you prefer, contact us by email:

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