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Heartwarming Story of a Mother and Her Surrogate Baby

I tend to be a bit slack when it comes to writing recommendations, and often there just isn’t time.  But I wrote this one as soon as we returned home with our little treasure, our sweet gorgeous daughter.

For a long time I deliberated about sending it, but then decided that it will be worth the sending if even just one other person reads my recommendation and takes that incredibly important life decision to become a happy parent.

I think that the stories everyone who’s turned to the SurroGate Center can tell would fill books.  I could also fill a novel about my journey of motherhood over 14 years: the countless stay-overs, egg retrievals, fertilizations, top clinics – and no success.  The statement “not pregnant” is one I heard dozens of times, even though all physiological tests were completely clear and my health was in excellent condition.   I watched doctors raise their open-palmed hands as they lowered their gaze, and hinting that the body is not eternal… if I want to be a mother, the only option left is surrogacy.  It’s not a 100% surety, but it’s a ray of hope, they’d say.  The only problem was that because of my mindset, I found that so difficult to accept.

So there I was, 41 years old, fighting to override my wish to be a mother.  I refused to look at little kids, wouldn’t participate in discussions about kids, and so on.  I’m strong.  I can handle this… and eventually, everyone around me believed that of me too.

But my mind was never free of thoughts on motherhood.  The only person I couldn’t convince that it was okay to forego the experience was… me!  At 43, I decided to try one last time.  Quietly.  Without telling anyone a thing.  I convinced my husband to go along with it.  My obstetrician recommended that I stop stressing my body out and instead, try the surrogacy option.  And I agreed that if this last time our efforts didn’t work, then I’d put an end to the whole episode.

So why did I choose SurroGate Center?  I checked all the surrogacy organizations, but logically I couldn’t explain my choice to myself either.  It was as though some guiding force was directing me.

Bottom line, what I have to say is that the SurroGate Center did excellent and professional work, no one on their team every said “but…” at any stage, and everything went ahead in the smoothest, most convenient ways.  At no time throughout the process was I ever sorry for the choice I made.  Adding anything more to that statement would just be banal compared to the sheer joy which resulted from the cooperation with me.  To the SurroGate Center team, let me just say that you’re doing incredible work.  I feel as though you’ve rejuvenated my life, making me the happiest woman on earth.  A fulfilled mother.  I never believed I’d be saying those words!  But yes, here I am, the mother of a gorgeous little girl.

If not for my age I’d definitely try for another child through your services without giving it a second thought, even though the saying has it that people who are happy stay young at heart.  So everything’s still possible…

I haven’t re-read what I wrote above.  I want it to be honest and direct from my heart.  I truly hope that my recommendation will inspire others to take the decision that will infuse them with joy.  Huge thanks to you all.


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