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The Advantages Surrogate Center Offers

SurroGate Center is an official surrogacy and exclusive representative in the USA and worldwide for our private medical clinics in the cities of Tbilisi in Georgia and Kiev in Ukraine. You do not pay us an agency fee for surrogacy process or any additional payment for our services.


Surrogate mother

Our database of potential surrogates has been meticulously screened and upholds all necessary criteria, and available free of agency fees.


What does our service provide?

Our service offers a surrogacy package which includes all relevant services for the surrogacy procedure, such as psychological support, legal direction at all stages with our expert lawyers in the field of surrogacy, follow-up of the surrogate’s pregnancy and supervision by our senior medical staff who manage the medical procedures, registration of the newborn, and handling of all the surrogacy processes and stages.

Substitution of the surrogate to another after several failures at no extra cost up to and including pregnancy and birth.

Private medical centers of the highest standards with top experts in their field

Immediate start on the process without delays or wait time.

The surrogate’s pregnancy supervision includes NTS (Nuchal Translucency Scan), GTT (Glucose Tolerance Test), AFP (Alpha-Fetoprotein Test), systems scan, amniocentesis test as needed, or whichever additional tests the senior medical staff require.


Surrogate Mother’s Insurance

A familiarization trip to the medical center in Georgia or Ukraine and meeting with the surrogate mother and with the center’s representative is provided at no obligation on your part.

We do not take fees until a decision is jointly reached on how to realize your dream with us and only after you’ve acquainted yourself with the medical center and our medical team.

We commit to a fixed price with no additions for the full process up to and including the birth.

Before you take one of the most important decisions of your life, talk to us!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can save on surrogacy funds and save yourself unnecessary anguish.  Enjoy the charm of seeing your dream come true in a worry-free and unforgettable experience.

Schedule your consultancy without any cost or commitment here .


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